XaitPorter: The proposal software solution for enterprises

XaitPorter: The proposal software solution for enterprises

Silje Stensland
28. Apr 2020 | 5 min read

XaitPorter: The proposal software solution for enterprises

Large enterprise organizations work with a great volume and variety of data. As a result, creating highly complex and time-sensitive business documents can be a huge challenge. These documents, typically totalling hundreds of pages, contain a wide variety of content from across the enterprise, and multiple contributors are part of the authoring process. 

Co-authoring high-stakes bids and proposals, for instance, involves a large, multi-disciplinary, cross-site team working together for a long period of time. Coming out the other end with a consistent, professional-looking document is a tall order, especially when using standard document management and desktop publishing tools. 

These legacy systems are designed for file sharing, not co-authoring. As a proposal manager, you and your team members have probably suffered through quite a few late nights and stress-inducing deadlines due to formatting problems and version tracking struggles. 

There must be a better way, and this is why organizations are reevaluating the processes and collaboration tools used to create their most important documents. In short, they are trying to find a smarter way to win more business. 

This search leads more and more global enterprises to XaitPorter.


Are you stuck in the quagmire of proposal production? 

Modern-day information workers spend a large chunk of their time creating documents. A typical process includes wading through previously created documents, copying-and-pasting content or using templates that rarely contain the most recent approved content. 

This process makes it hard to find the correct content and ensure everyone has access to it. If you have used a template, how do you make sure no changes have been made to the master while creating the document? 

Copying from other files will in many cases inadvertently lead to formatting issues. What’s more, a file-driven solution creates information silos in your enterprise, making it difficult to optimize use of your information.

When co-authoring documents with a team of proposal writers, these issues result in a serious waste of time and resources, negatively impacting your bottom line.


Choose a better way – use XaitPorter

Many enterprise organizations have invested heavily in collaboration solutions for online meetings, document management solutions and file sharing solutions. However, such technologies are only a minor improvement to existing ways of working. They don’t really address the core issue, which is creating, managing and collaborating on the same document while making it easier for both colleagues and management to contribute.

A database-driven document solution like XaitPorter can easily solve these challenges. 

The reason is simple. XaitPorter was purpose-built to support seamless collaboration across the enterprise. It simplifies and streamlines your entire document creation and publishing process by ensuring a database-backed, built-in workflow that adapts to any number of writers, reviewers, approvers and business managers.


Unlock the power of cross-enterprise co-authoring

Rather than betting the proposal output on individual creativity and siloed pockets of expertise, XaitPorter facilitates team productivity and easily manageable, transparent enterprise-wide collaboration. This makes XaitPorter so much more than simply a ‘writing’ or ‘collaboration’ tool. Our solution goes further, by optimizing both processes and documents.

Imagine creating a tender for a client, where you can easily and simultaneously assign roles and responsibilities to individual members of your team. Individual responsibilities can range from technical and operations through to resourcing and financial, enabling concurrent delegation within departments. XaitPorter even enables collaboration outside your organization, allowing clients and external specialists to participate.

All team members have access to a master library with re-usable and constantly updated content. XaitPorter provides endless flexibility to Contract and Project Managers, allowing re-structuring and content changes with continuous commenting and input from team members.  

Version control is also a key part of XaitPorter, making sure a finalized document is available to everybody, anywhere, at any time.

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Conclusion: Enterprises get a competitive edge with XaitPorter

If your organization puts out highly complex, time-sensitive documents on a regular basis, you want to make sure your teams have both robust, easy-to-use technology and automated processes. 

The shortcomings of a file-driven document solution increase the complexity of efficiently managing content across your enterprise. Instead, adopt enterprise-friendly proposal software. 

XaitPorter is a complete all-in-one co-authoring software solution designed specifically for any enterprise organization that needs to structure their document creation process more efficiently. The solution streamlines and optimizes your document production to maximize your revenue from bids and proposals and other business-critical documents.

You’ll find that even small changes in managing and assembling documents will provide significant cost reductions, in addition to increased quality of the documents themselves. This combo will help you outperform less savvy competitors. 

XaitPorter was recently named among the best in document management software solutions of 2020 by TechRadar: 

“The great thing about this system is that it’s extremely flexible. You’re able to collaborate and work on documents with colleagues simultaneously, and you can easily share feedback with each other. It also manages all aspects of workflow, so you don’t have to worry about formatting, numbering and layout.”

Avoiding that worry will save you a lot of time and frustration!


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Silje Stensland

Silje Stensland

Silje is Marketing and Communications Director of Xait. She holds a Bachelor in Marketing Communication and an Executive Master in Business Administration. She is an analytical, efficient and results-focused marketing and communications professional and her career spans over 15 years within real estate, oil & gas and IT. When Silje is not busy growing the Xait brand, you can find her at her family cabin in picturesque Sirdal, Norway, hiking, trekking and cross-country skiing.

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