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Xait’s Kris Saether to Lead Round Table Talk at AIIM 2016

Xait’s Chief Commercial Officer Kris Saether has been invited to lead a round table discussion at the upcoming AIIM 2016 conference. Kris’ round table discussion titled, “Are files going the way of the Dodo?”  will focus on the idea of database solutions replacing a typical file based solution. A brief synopsis is below.

In our lifetimes we have already seen the demise of VHS, cassettes and the steady decline of CDs. Are files the next medium that are going to be added to that list? The use of a database in the cloud has tremendous advantages over using a file based system including security, accessibility and collaboration to name a few.

DATE: April 26 – 28, 2016
WHERE: New Orleans, Louisiana
EVENT: The AIIM Conference 2016

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