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How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

How to Write an Effective Cover Letter

You may remember our post, “How to Write an Effective Executive Summary” which should take precedence and will have a much greater effect on the reviewers of the proposal but the cover letter is still a valuable part of the proposal and will lead to unwanted questions of dedication if left out.

Your cover letter should be in line with your executive summary and emphasize the same key focal points as your executive summary while being much less detailed. Just like your executive summary the cover letter should be about the client, not about you or your company or how great you think you are. You should also avoid typical filler cliches such as “Thank you for the opportunity…” or “We are pleased to present…”

Your cover letter should include the 3-4 main reasons as to why your offer should be selected. These should all be tied to a value offer and should be subjective. For instance using vague adjectives such as “We are the best…” or “Best in class” or “Industry leading” your reasons should be how you are going to save time, save money or increase productivity or profits.

The last paragraph of your cover letter should include practical information such as who the client should respond to, the length of time your proposal is valid and any special terms or conditions. It should also be signed by a person of authority who has been authorized to present and make good on the proposal offers included within.

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