What to expect when you choose XaitPorter

What to expect when you choose XaitPorter

Silje Stensland
14. Jan 2020 | 5 min read

What to expect when you choose XaitPorter

Proposals are critical to your company’s success. Without them, you have

no new business, and no new revenue. Plain and simple.

Nevertheless, most people find proposal writing to be tedious and time-consuming – and their documents show it. 

Sure enough, creating proposals takes time, and – let’s face it – is not always a hoot.

But there are easy-to-use tools that completely change the game. Tools that automate, simplify and speed up the process. Tools that put the ‘pro’ in proposals.

XaitPorter is such a tool. We call it the ‘X factor’ for winning bids and proposals – because, frankly, it is.

So how does XaitPorter help you reduce proposal complexity and get a ‘yes’ on your next bid?


XaitPorter – a simple and secure way to win more business

We custom-built XaitPorter to make it easier for dispersed teams to put together complex business-critical documents, faster. While our solution includes all the common features of a word processor, and more, it’s worlds apart.

Why? Because it enables contributors, authors, reviewers and approvers to simultaneously work together on the same document – in real time, whether in the office, at home, or on the other side of the world.

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So what can you expect when using XaitPorter?

From day one, XaitPorter provides a structured approach for document control and access to live content. This allows you to focus on the most important part of your document – the content. 


Access from anywhere

XaitPorter is a cloud solution, which means you can view and work on the latest version of your documents from anywhere. You can easily invite partners, subcontractors and consultants to work with you, making your efforts truly collaborative.


Complete transparency

24/7 access to the latest version means you can track how your document progresses from day one. In addition, XaitPorter gives you a complete audit trail.


No need to worry about formatting

In XaitPorter, you work with tailor-made document templates. You won’t have to spend time on numbering, formatting or layout – it is all taken care of in accordance with your corporate branding guidelines.


Streamline the process

XaitPorter allows you to select writers, reviewers and approvers, and to set individual deadlines for different sections of your document. This creates clearly defined responsibilities among your team, and a streamlined process.


Navigate your document quickly

XaitPorter takes the hassle out of navigating huge documents. You navigate through your document using the automatically generated table of contents. Your document consists of several sections and subsections, and you can easily move from one to another.


No more overwritten or duplicated work

When you work in a word processor, you risk overwriting and duplicating work. In XaitPorter, your document is split into sections. When you work on a section, other users can’t edit it. As everything is updated in real time, however, others will still be able to view the latest version of the document and its sections.


Easily reuse information

XaitPorter is built on a database, which means you can easily copy and reuse content, outlines and workflows.


No more Post-its

In XaitPorter, all your comments are stored in one place. You add and respond to comments directly in your workspace.


What’s in it for you?

A proposal is inherently a sales document. If it doesn’t lead to an agreement to do work together, the proposal has failed. The proposal’s job is to move the sales process toward closure. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our cloud-based solution gives you everything you need to create high-quality sales documents that convince your prospects to choose you. 


This is how your teams will benefit from using XaitPorter:


  • Enhancing the quality of your bids and proposals, increasing your win rate.
  • Making sure you deliver on time, every time.
  • Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your documents.

Sales Managers:

  • Enabling you to create better bids and proposals up to 70% faster.
  • Streamlining and simplifying your entire proposal process.
  • Making layout, numbering and formatting easy.

Sales teams:

  • Saving you time, reducing the amount of overtime needed to complete a project.
  • Making the latest version of the entire document available to you at all times.
  • Giving you control of team progress, and how much work remains.


Expect to stand out from the competition

Your reviewers are likely staring at a pile of submissions much larger than they can reasonably handle. The first question your prospects are probably going to ask, is “Does it go on the “keeper” pile, or does it go on the “discard” pile?”

Let XaitPorter help you get your proposal on the right pile, and then win.   


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Silje Stensland

Silje Stensland

Silje is Marketing and Communications Director of Xait. She holds a Bachelor in Marketing Communication and an Executive Master in Business Administration. She is an analytical, efficient and results-focused marketing and communications professional and her career spans over 15 years within real estate, oil & gas and IT. When Silje is not busy growing the Xait brand, you can find her at her family cabin in picturesque Sirdal, Norway, hiking, trekking and cross-country skiing.

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