What is proposal software?

What is proposal software?

Silje Stensland
06. Feb 2020 | 3 min read

What is proposal software?

Proposal software is a co-authoring solution designed to help organizations collaboratively create and manage bids, proposals, financial reports, contracts and other business-critical documents.

Read on to learn why proposal software is becoming increasingly popular in companies that produce bids and proposals on a regular basis.


Custom-built to handle large, complex documents

The core features of proposal software vary widely between systems. Many simpler solutions have only basic features, while enterprise systems are more powerful.

Producing a bid or proposal in the “traditional” way, using a combination of Sharepoint and Word, typically leads to a serial document production process that is neither efficient nor sustainable.

A good proposal software solution includes all the common features of a word processor, but is designed to enable textual collaboration and workflow, i.e. assigning responsibilities and deadlines to different writers.


Empowers your team to win more business

Many organizations are struggling to collaborate on their business-critical, time-sensitive documents. Producing bids and proposals can be a challenging task with a lot of moving parts, and multiple contributors literally scattered across the globe.

A good proposal software solution provides multiple contributors and stakeholders a platform to not only work together on the same document – across departments, regions and companies – but also co-author and manage complex documents in a way that ensures a high level of process quality, security and efficiency.


The ultimate sales enablement tool

Responding to RFPs can be time-consuming and stressful – but also risky. Using proposal software will help your proposal team work smarter, safer and more efficiently, bridging the gap between your business strategies and how your company executes in the field.

By optimizing collaboration and co-authoring throughout the entire life cycle of the document. proposal software becomes the sales enablement tool that allows you to respond quickly when opportunity knocks.

Modern cloud-based proposal software comes with a range of different integrations that ensure your proposal is embedded into your sales process.

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To sum up, proposal software is a comprehensive solution that automates and streamlines the process of producing proposals, bids and other business-critical documents.

Proposal software helps you secure the revenue that your company needs to stay competitive and survive in a cutthroat market.


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Silje Stensland

Silje Stensland

Silje is Marketing Manager of Xait. She holds a Bachelor in Marketing Communication and an Executive Master in Business Administration. She is an analytical, efficient and results-focused marketing and communications professional and her career spans over 15 years within real estate, oil & gas and IT. When Silje is not busy growing the Xait brand, you can find her at her family cabin in picturesque Sirdal, Norway, hiking, trekking and cross-country skiing.

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