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Xait the Value of Marketing

The value of marketing

We deliver XaitPorter, a document automation, collaboration and production solution to help companies consistently produce stunning, high quality documents, such as bids and proposals. Sales teams often have to juggle the task of creating and compiling content, leaving little or no time to make sure the content is presented in the best possible way, both structurally and aesthetically.

Sven Erik Nisja from Oceaneering sits down with Marianne Molineaux from Xait to talk about how they managed to get their corporate logo launched into space.

Our customers benefits from having the ability to focus on creating great content, and let XaitPorter handle the layout and formatting of the document to see increased company revenue. We fully support the hard work that people put in to build and boost their brand and making sure the value of their marketing is optimised.

For more than 15 years, Xait has helped companies streamline their document production process through collaboration and automation. Our clients understand the importance of making sure that their documents stand out and are ahead of the competition, to win more business.

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