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Using Information to Engage

Using Information to Engage

You have all seen the proposal/presentation/report that is so stuffed with information that you don’t know where to look and just gloss over it because it is not presented in a way to engage the reader or grab their attention.

Information should be valuable to them, not you

We have touched on this topic in our “How to Write an Effective Executive Summary” but it is worth mentioning again. You must focus on your audience and not yourself. Every bit of information you present should be targeted towards the reader and not the presenter. No one wants to hear how great you think you are at something, they want to know how you can help solve their problems and align with their visions.

Present information in a visually appealing way

How you present your information is just as important as what the information is saying. You may have the golden ticket but if its not presented in way the audience understands it will be one more piece of content they gloss right over. Now most of us will automatically assume we are talking about charts and graphs here, which we are, but we are also talking about content. Your whole document/presentation/proposal should be easily readable and visually appealing. For more information about graphics presentation, take a look at our post “How to Effectively Use Graphics”

Guide them down a path

What is your end goal? This is what you should be asking yourself as you gather and present your information. All your hard work gathering and presenting should be leading your audience down a path towards your end goal. The information you are presenting needs to not only support their vision and address their issues but also guide them to a logical conclusion, which if done effectively, is your end goal.

Remember, information is just one tool in your tool box but when used effectively to engage and persuade your audience, it soon becomes indispensable.

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