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The Value of a Content Library

Is there a way to efficiently re-use content? That is a question we have heard over and over again throughout the years and the answer is yes, in XaitPorter its called a content library. Many times business documents tend to say the same thing or have the same sections that go in each documents much like an about us section, product descriptions, SLAs, or terms of service. Is copying and pasting really the best way to solve this issue? Lets take a look at 3 key benefits of using a content library.

Content Re-use

Lets be honest, not every document you produce is a “snowflake” in that you create it once and there will never be another one like it. Many times you are re-using content and having to search for the most recent content and finding the “approved” version can be downright tedious. Using a content library while creating these documents can be an extreme time saver and improve efficiency many times over. So with our content library you have the ability to use “linked” sections which are pieces of content that are constantly re-used and remain the same. So for instance, a terms of service section, instead of copying and pasting from your most recent document you “link” your master terms of service section to your new document and it appears automatically. Perfect, now you may ask, “How do I ensure it will always be up to date?”

Content Expiry

This is a very simple but very valuable piece of the content library that our customers love and use constantly. Content expiry lets you set an expiration date on your re-usable content to ensure it will always be up to date and ready to use. Lets stay with the terms of service section example we referenced in the previous paragraph. You will have the ability to assign that section to a writer with a content expiry of every 4 weeks or 4 months or 1 year so when that expiration date is hit a message will automatically be sent to the writer letting them know they need to update that master piece of content.

Content Search

A good search tool is always going to be valuable, just ask Google, they have made a pretty good living helping people find stuff. Searching for content can be frustrating but having a tool specifically designed to search for you content is a lifesaver. Hopefully you will see just how valuable having a content library can be and if you want to see it in action click the button below and we will get in contact.

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