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The Evolution of Document Creation & Collaboration

The Evolution of Document Creation and Collaboration

As we prepare to attend South by Southwest (SXSW) we begin to think about the evolution of document collaboration. How did XaitPorter come to be at the forefront of database driven document collaboration? Lets take a look back in time…

The world witnessed a revolution in document production when the first typewriters started to emerge. Back then, the storage unit was a sheet of paper – approximately 4 Kilobytes of data on a single page.​ By the mid 30’s, the typewriter had become an indispensable tool for document production. Given the nature of a typewriter – there were numerous challenges; even so, the collaborative process of creating large documents was introduced. Every typist was working on a separate section of the document, making the formatting consistent​. Security was not an issue, as sheets of paper weren’t that easy to copy and sensitive content could be restricted with ease.​

In the 1970’s, the world witnessed another revolution. The first word processors transformed the typewriter into a piece of software, and the paper into a file. The file concept was so powerful that you could copy the file to a floppy disk and easily transfer it to another computer​. With the dawn of the Internet, the file became even easier to copy and distribute – today known as file sharing. But what happened to document collaboration? The collaborative process was overlooked and the the file made it inefficient to work together. ​

Let’s take a look at a similar story – the evolution of accounting. In the 1800’s, accountants where using a ledger. More than 100 years later, the first spreadsheet systems emerged.. The accounting world found that when using a spreadsheet system, integrity, confidentiality and availability was not ensured. It was far too easy to duplicate a spreadsheet, change a number and break a formula. Restricting access was not possible and was considered a high risk.

As a result, database driven accounting systems has become the industry standard.​ This is exactly what XaitPorter does for the document world. Combining the power of a relational database with document-centric business processes – increasing productivity, ensuring security and raising the quality of business critical documents across your organization.​

By leveraging XaitPorter, your organization can optimize internal workflows to achieve reduced cost and risk and increased profitability.​ The evolution doesn’t stop here. What if you could automatically generate an entire proposal or contract at the push of a button from your CRM system? Imagine if your reports were instantly updated with the most recent charts or key figures from your corporate BI system or the most recent financial data from your ERP system. The possibilities really are endless.​

If you would like to learn how XaitPorter can help you stop by booth 925 at SXSW, fill out the form linked below or you can even check out a video here

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