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Selling to an Informed Buyer

Selling to an Informed Buyer

“Mad Men” Sales Process

I was thinking of starting this blog off by saying something prophetic like “the sales landscape is changing” but in all actuality, the sales landscape has already changed and is constantly changing. In the old days, the salesman was in an education role where he would tell his prospective buyer all about how great his product was and how badly the buyer needed it. He would educate the buyer not only on what the product was but just how useful and essential the product is to the buyer’s life. Customizing the buying experience was not an essential part of the sales process either, most times the buyer was the one who had to customize themselves to the product. If any of you have watched “Mad Men” you probably have some idea of what I’m talking about.

Modern Sales Process

Today the salesmen’s job is not to educate but to re-enforce the buyer’s correct assumptions and help him understand their incorrect assumptions. Lets be honest, every company has strengths, weaknesses or functionality gaps and perceived weaknesses. Helping your potential customer better understand those perceived weaknesses can make or brake a sell so be sure to put the proper time and effort in overturning those perceived weaknesses. One key item that has definitely changed is the sellers willingness and need to customize each solution to the specific buyer in need. Notice I used “solution” instead of “product” because today’s buyer also doesn’t really care what your product is, but instead how you are going to find a solution to help solve their needs, wants and problems. Knowing your buyer is educated about the marketplace is only half the battle, having the tools to reach and sell to that buyer is a whole other blog post…

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