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ROI of SharePoint

ROI of SharePoint?

As many as 80% of Fortune 500 businesses are using SharePoint today according to some estimates and that number may be going up.  We all know Microsoft and its products have a pretty tight grip on the business world with Word, Excel and PowerPoint leading the way, so it only made sense their collaboration platform is doing the same. Let’s give in to the fact that you are probably using SharePoint or at least thought about using SharePoint. It has things its does well and things it does not so well but how do you ensure you will get your full ROI from using it? Fortunately or unfortunately SharePoint is still a new enough tool that proving ROI is usually a necessary step. For instance I doubt any business is working on proving the ROI of using Word or Excel, they are just a given part of the modern business world. Lets talk about a couple ways to help prove ROI.

Integration with Other Solutions

Like we mentioned earlier, SharePoint has its ups and its downs but one of the best upsides is how well it can integrate with other solutions to improve or add missing functionality. We won’t get into the nitty gritty of exactly how to integrate because each system will have its separate needs but if you would like to see how we do it you can sign up for a demo below.

Understanding Your Requirements and Vision

Many features of SharePoint are either misused or misunderstood and having clear requirements of what you wish to accomplish with SharePoint is the first step to measuring your ROI. To put it simply, if you don’t understand your requirements you will never understand your ROI. Secondly, you must have a clear vision for your use of SharePoint. It should include the “now” vision or your usage as well as your “future” vision of your usage. Basically, what are you expecting the system to do now versus what you expect it to do in 5 years?

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