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Real-time Collaboration with XaitPorter

Real-time Collaboration

XaitPorter, Simplifying Complexity

Imagine creating a tender for a customer where you can easily and simultaneously assign roles and responsibilities to individual members of your team. Individual responsibilities can range from technical and operations through to resourcing and financial with XaitPorter, enabling concurrent delegation within departments. Collaboration can even function outside your company allowing clients and external specialists to participate.

All team members have access to a master library with re-usable and constantly updated content. Our product provides endless flexibility to Contract and Project Managers, allowing re-structuring and content changes while constantly allowing comment and input from team members.  Version control is also a key part of XaitPorter allowing a finalized document available to everybody, anywhere at any time.

Large documents have historically proved unstable and have a tendency to ‘crash’ due to large amounts of information, pictures and images, but our product has the capacity to make this ‘a thing of the past’!

XaitPorter, Simplifying Complexity

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