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How Much is Proposal Software Worth to You?

How Much is Proposal Software Worth to You?

What will it cost? The age old question that pops up when you think of investing in something new. Even if you know that that something new could have a major impact on business growth. As the graph below will show, one of the major barriers in business growth is strong competition. Today, businesses around the globe face stiff competition not only from the big fishes (well established competitors) but also from the small fry (upcoming SMEs).

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A good business proposal will help you win and grow your business and also ensure you stay ahead of competition. But you do know of instances where your entire team spends hours researching and writing a business proposal and you still end up on the losing side. Writing a winning proposal isn’t a cake walk. You’re going to have a host of personnel from different departments and different locations working on the same proposal; definitely high chances of things going awry.

A bad business proposal is either poorly written, sloppily presented or incomplete. The underlying reason for this is inadequate research, lack of communication, too much data to compile and the last minute frenzy to meet deadlines. So if you do not have a system that addresses these problems, what will it cost you?

So how can we address these problems? Many point to good Proposal Software. Let’s see how a proposal Software that is built for collaboration can help your business tackle proposal woes.

Benefits of Proposal Software.

Bringing your team together:

With the workforce of every organization becoming more and more geographically diverse, creating a business proposal with team members placed in different locations is a common scene. This means communicating with all these teams to compile all the information needed – which will take time surely.  Ensuring that the team understands the client requirements and sends in relevant and up-to-date information that can be compiled can be a harrowing task.

However, with a collaboration proposal tool you will be able to have your entire team work on a centralized document at the same time making the entire process faster, easier and more accurate.

Making Data Pooling Easy

A business proposal means a LOT of data. In the absence of a streamlined and centralized proposal process all these data will need to be sent back and forth via emails. Hundreds of emails coming from different individuals working on the same proposal can be a compiler’s nightmare. The compiler will have to ensure that he stores these data carefully and only relevant people have access to it.

With Proposal Software, you will be able to streamline this process to a greater extent. You can create a workspace with folders and give access only to relevant personnel. This gives you more control over the data and better security. You can also store reusable templates and information that can be easily archived and used later.

Automatic Formatting

When creating a business proposal you need to ensure that everything is presentable, texts and logos properly formatted, and information systematically arranged. If anything is lacking in this respect your client may get the impression that you aren’t taking the proposal seriously. Forgetting to change the logo, the page indent or the text format being out of place, or the graphics overlapping with text are some common formatting errors that can lose you a proposal. On the other hand formatting a business proposal that sometimes runs in to quite a lot of pages may be a quite time consuming and error prone. With a good Proposal Software, all this is automatic.

There is no dearth to the pages we can write about the payback on investing in a Proposal Software and how it can help you improve your proposal process. But which software do you choose? We would say XaitPorter of course, but we’re more than willing to show you why.

You can create your proposal 70% faster and devote more time on developing a winning content for the proposal rather than on the process itself!


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