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Effectively Producing Marketing Documents

Effectively Producing Marketing Documents

Marketing documents have always been an integral part of a company’s persona. Before the webpage became the “face” of a company, the branding, messaging and look and feel of a company’s marketing materials was the world’s introduction to a company. You could easily tell the quality of a company based on the material they put into the market. If you no longer think this is the case take a look at our most recent blog post “Your Documents Live or Die by Your Brand” in which 50% of prospects say they are unlikely to further interact with a company who uses poorly branded materials. So how does a company keep up with creating quality branded documents while still trying to create content in a consistent matter?

Brand Matters

We won’t dwell on it as we covered this in our last blog post, but we can’t say it enough. How you present your company is just as important as what your company is saying. Remember templates are a key factor in this.

Collaboration and Understanding Tasks

Preparing for your next big product launch or marketing campaign is stressful. You have a large team of designers, writers, external agencies and contractors who need to work together. You have tight deadlines and budgets to meet, and you need to work through several creation and review cycles. Most likely, you lose track of endless files and e-mails, and struggle to have any kind of control over the process. Delegating tasks and being able to see the progress from every member of your team is vital for any successful project.


This may seem obvious to most, which it is but what allows a contributor to focus on the content is having the necessary processes and tools to support them. Using a template so the creator only has to focus on the content, or being able to assign certain sections of a document to a subject matter expert without being forced to wait for other contributors to finish their sections brings the content front and center and promotes quality work. Stripping away all the other hurdles is really what allows a contributor focus on content.

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