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Creating documents in XaitPorter

Prepare to File, Not Format

Documents help companies conduct business. They are at the core of every transaction, deal or merger; even communications and directives within an organization require documents. Many business documents are large, complex and have multiple authors working on it at a given point in time. Sharing files, updating versions, document formatting, tracking changes – the list is long.

Read on to see if these happens at your organization when collaborating on documents:

Time Wastage

Formatting is time-consuming, high-concentration work.  83% of knowledge workers lose or waste time on document collaboration issues, amongst them formatting. Problems include manually merging and streamlining edits from multiple contributors, and editing and formatting outdated documents. These are things that happen and are often the biggest time killers.

And version management is where the trouble begins. Time is wasted looking for the right document, searching through a mound of emails. It isn’t just frustrating- it can lead to missed business opportunities and cause professional damage.

Information Overload and Individual Control

The digital revolution may have prompted paperless transactions- but the amount of information being shared is only increasing. Tonnes of data collected and stored as a document takes shape. Writers often hold on to a “mastercopy” of the document/section they are working on, along with all the research. Fact-checking in these scenarios becomes a nightmare: more files shared, more content copied and ultimately, dozens of names and formats. Time is wasted undoing and incorporating each of those changes and rewriting copy to fit the final format.

Rich Content is Impossible

Proposals and documents today are rarely just plain text. Businesses use video, audio, graphics, charts and images to highlight, illustrate and break down complex data and ideas. Dynamic document management software streamlines the communication of complex ideas. Imagine the scenario. Writers can easily add multimedia without compromising on quality or having to export/import/compress files. Multimedia is woven into the document, instead of being sent along as an “afterthought” attachment. The result? Greater impact, ease of reading, and no formatting troubles.

Reviews and Approvals Take Ages

Documents need editing. And the faster you can review and edit documents, the quicker they can be filed and sent out to the people concerned. Writers can be based around the globe, with each assigned a specific section and a specific expert to review it. A centralized document ensures that work happens simultaneously. And if formatting is taken out of that equation, you save on time without losing control.

Do these problems sound familiar? Document collaboration can be a nightmare if everyone is not on the same page.

With a cloud-based service like Xait, writers, reviewers and approvers have access to the document at the same time. That means that as soon as a section is written, it can be edited, reviewed and sent back for correction/approval in real-time. Plus, there is no chance of the document or a section of the document getting lost or corrupted- so dreaded ‘document recovery” is avoided.

Plus, your team can work together and create collaborative documents without having to worry about formatting. Our software takes care of it for you. And since it’s cloud-based, you do not have to download attachments or duplicate content to review or edit: once the content is saved, it’s all accessed in one place – the cloud. And with pre-set formatting, you can edit confidently, knowing that the document will retain its look and style. So with XaitPorter, don’t waste your time aligning, spacing, indenting, doing and undoing: you and your team just need to write as much as necessary, and once your content is good to go, just file it.

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