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Jan 16, 2019

XaitPorter top-rated as high performer Proposal Software on G2 Crowd

XaitPorter has been identified as one of the highest-performer Proposal Software solutions, based on its high..

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Dec 20, 2018

We are Hiring 2 x Business Development Manager

Do you have a ”The Sky is NOT the Limit” – mindset? And do you want a good old fashioned sales job within a..

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Dec 18, 2018

3 Tips on How to Create that Perfect Business Proposal

Creating a proposal that has to be read, digested and acted upon is a challenge that every proposal manager..

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Dec 17, 2018

3 Tips on How to Write a Winning Business Proposal

Author Richard C. Freed offers an insightful observation in his book Writing Winning Business Proposals. He..

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Dec 16, 2018

3 Benefits of an aPaaS

So now that we know XaitPorter is an almost perfect document-centric aPaaS solution as Kris Saether..

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Dec 12, 2018

Document Collaboration in virtual teams

Many international organisations have a large part of their workforce working in alternative workplaces.  A..

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Dec 05, 2018

Streamline your Content Management Process with XaitPorter

Content management is an inherently collaborative process. A critical aspect of content management is the..

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Dec 03, 2018

Redefining Document Production Process

What is and should be the most important question for all document-centric industries? Improving the document..

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Nov 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Xait

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November and is for many the most fantastic time of the..

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Nov 20, 2018

What is the Difference between Collaboration and Co-Authoring?

The difference between collaboration and co-authoring may seem trivial to some. Before we get into "defining"..

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