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XaitPorter more than just a SaaS solution

XaitPorter more than just a SaaS solution

XaitPorter more than just a SaaS solution

Xait has with XaitPorter provided more than 50,000 users a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for many years. We are pleased that XaitPorter is very successful in the market and solves the challenges our clients have with many document centric processes. Which is anything from producing an annual report to governing documents to proposals and more – basically producing almost any type of document. In our journey we have been recognized by the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner as a cool vendor for our focus on team productivity and manageability rather than individual creativity, which is where most document authoring tools concentrate their efforts.

To improve a document or information centric process, one should have the ability to edit and create content by either adding new content, reviewing and approving the content, or reusing content by both copying and linking to master content which ensures integrity across all of your documents. In addition one requires features such as document automation, document assembly and high quality publishing in a secure environment not reliant on files.

However, what many of our clients, partners and potential partners may not realise is that XaitPorter also is an Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) solution. XaitPorter can be the “missing” layer required for many organization in their document processes. Basically, XaitPorter can be used as a platform for any document or information centric processes, just as Salesforce is to sales processes.

We see a strong interest in our aPaaS possibilities and already have a strong interest and demand for XaitPorter as an aPaaS. This also means that you can elect to use the GUI provided by XaitPorter for parts of your process, or use XaitPorter as a pure platform. And being a database driven solution, the possibilities are almost endless for your document centric processes. With the increased interest for XaitPorter as an aPaaS, Xait is looking at a very “xaiting” future.

Increase the investment in your document centric solutions and processes and join forces with Xait and XaitPorter for an xaiting value-added document centric future.

Kris Sæther
Chief Commercial Officer

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Increase the investment in your document centric solutions and processes.Tell me more

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