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Too many authors spoil the broth

Too many authors spoil the broth

Are too many authors spoiling your document creation?

Today’s globalized work environment means that employees could be part of the same team, but working in different countries and time zones. Collaborative working is the only way to get things done – from designing a webpage, producing a TV show or authoring a business document. Document co-authoring is an efficient and productive way to get a proposal or white paper published, using the collective wisdom of your team. But too many authors can also cause things to go awry…that is, if you are not using the right kind of software or platform.

So what are the potential problems you can encounter when there are too many authors and editors working on a single proposal or tender?

The File Sharing

Old-school word processors were made for printed documents. Files are saved, sent as attachments and downloaded to another system. Too many authors generate too many files, and if each file is in a different format then sharing those files becomes even tougher.

XaitPorter is a cloud-based service, so the document stays in one place (the cloud – yours or Xait’s) and everyone can access it and work on it without having to save files on their systems.

The Recency Problem

One of the biggest problems faced by having multiple writers work on a document is maintaining versions, and knowing which version is the latest. With some writers re-writing the same draft, and editors and reviewers submitting new ones, the most recent version can be difficult to locate.

XaitPorter shows you only the latest version of your document, in real-time, so that you are always up-to-date.

The Control Problem

With old-school document collaboration, a project manager would have to assign tasks and roles to different members of the team. A section, once written, would have to go to a reviewer who would edit it, then onwards to an approver who would approve or reject it. And then, back to the project manager.

By using a cloud-based service, you can handle everything in one place. As soon as one section is ready, it can get reviewed, edited and approved, all under your watch. No going back and forth with versions and files.

The Formatting Problem

Then, there’s the problem of formatting. Writer 1 uses Times New Roman with double spacing. Writer 2 prefers typing in Garamond with single spacing. Writer 3 has too much space between each bullet point. With so many variations, putting everything together in a standard style and format can be difficult, and minor changes may not reflect in the final version. Not to mention numbering all those pages!

With a solution like XaitPorter, formatting and numbering happens automatically.

With XaitPorter, you can avoid all these problems and work in a collaborative environment while maximizing productivity. Once you’re ready, all you need to do is hit print and you’re done!

And the reason is simple – XaitPorter was designed to support true collaboration. It streamlines your entire document creation and publishing process by ensuring a database-backed, built-in workflow that adapts to any number of writers, reviewers, approvers and business managers.

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