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Magic Pill for Oil & Gas

Magic Pill for Oil & Gas?

Turbulent times in the oil and gas industry has forced many companies to take drastic measures to counter act the low price of oil. These companies are doing most anything in their power to cut expenses. They may limit working hours, limit IT spend, even cut back employment but in times like these, the need for increased efficiency is even more crucial. We wish we could tell you we have a magic pill that can solve every problem your company or industry will face now and in the future.  Unfortunately, as we all know, there is no “magic pill” but there is XaitPorter. We say that tongue in cheek but the idea holds true, you need to do more with less.

Limit Work Hours?

Cutting back hours is usually the first attempt to limit expenses but as we all know, the workload stays the same. So how are you supposed to get the same amount of work done while working a reduced schedule? Using a more efficient tool to get your job done seems like an obvious solution. XaitPorter was built on a foundation of efficiency, it was designed to do a job more efficiently and in less time.

Limit IT Spend?

So your IT budget is frozen and no new solutions are slated for purchase. Now you are stuck using old methods to get more work done in less time with fewer hours. Let’s remember that it is still a business and ROI reigns supreme. If you could objectively prove using a new solution could increase your output and create new revenue streams, any manager would have a hard time turning that solution down. Luckily for you XaitPorter can do just that.


This is the absolute last resort for any company going through a difficult time but unfortunately, it does happen. Salaries are a company’s largest expense and eliminating expenses is goal number one when trying to save money. So you now have less people to do the same amount of work. You must now use every possible advantage you have to work as productively and efficiently as you can. XaitPorter will be your best friend in this situation and it may even become your magic pill.

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