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Linked Sections - A Simple Solution for Reusable Content

Linked Sections – A Simple Solution for Reusable Content

Lets start out with a definition of a linked section as we realize this may be a term you are not familiar with. Simply put, a linked section is any piece of content you would like to re-use and keep updated. Pretty straightforward but it is a constant source of frustration and mistakes when creating a document. Let’s use terms of service as our linked section is this example. Your terms of service section is most likely going to stay the same in every contract or document you create, so you will constantly have to find the most recent version and copy and paste into your new contract. A big headache to say the least and leaves a quite a large gap for error. Not to mention if you are working with a global team, the margin for error is even larger. What if you copy an older version or maybe copy a portion and not the entire terms of service? Big problems for you while looking unprofessional to your clients when you realize your mistake.

Now lets make that terms of service a linked section. So instead of copying pasting you are now linking your master terms of service section into your new document and it will automatically appear. Not only does it automatically populate, you can also assign a content expiry date to the linked section, for instance set a 4 week expiry date, so each time the section expires, the writer will be notified to go into the section and approve it for use or make any necessary changes. Now that your terms of service is linked, any changes or updates you make to the master terms of service section will now be automatically pushed to all documents that use the linked sections. Your one change will update all documents, simple, easy re-use of content.

How Does it Work?

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