Key Factors When Evaluating Sales Enablement Software - Part 1

Key Factors When Evaluating Sales Enablement Software - Part 1

Coralie Beelen
21. Dec 2022 | 4 min read

Key Factors When Evaluating Sales Enablement Software - Part 1

When companies provide information and tools perceived as helpful in advancing the purchase process, buyers are three times more likely to make a high-quality purchase.

In this first part of a two part series, we dive into 4 key factors to consider when evaluating sales enablement software, and into selecting the right sales enablement software solutions.

Key Factors To Consider

Choosing the right sales enablement software can be difficult or even daunting because there are so many solutions on the market, making it hard to determine where to start. 


It is critical to evaluate whether a solution provides the features and functionality that you require. A list of functional  requirements can be helpful when assessing solutions. Evaluate and weigh these requirements, and distinguish clearly between must-have and nice-to-have features.

In addition, there are so-called non-functional requirements. They usually relate to quality aspects, such as: "How well does the solution perform?"? Does it work reliably and predictably, without interrupting your sales processes? Security and operational stability are critical in complex, competitive environments such as B2B sales.

Content Accessibility and Creation

To be successful, sales teams need to assemble the right information, efficiently and effectively, and present it in the form of polished, high-impact proposals. Therefore, ensuring that sales teams have access to relevant content and that it is readily discoverable, when needed, is vital.

An enterprise-grade sales enablement solution offers functionality for creating, storing, curating, and distributing sales materials to sellers and buyers. One example is a centralized content library, which teams can access for accurate, up-to-date sales content.

Additionally, sales enablement software streamlines your processes by modernizing your information infrastructure and leveraging a "single source of truth" where all content is managed.

A good sales enablement solution helps sales team members add value to content creation, not just manage it. So, look for systems that allow your salespeople to access and create content that's accurate, compelling, and timely.

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Centralized Pricing Data

It is essential to have centralized pricing and configuration data that can be seamlessly integrated and deployed within your CRM system.

By using templates that are pre-loaded and pre-vetted, you can quickly and easily populate and edit a proposal or other business-critical document while ensuring all essential elements are current and accurate. With this, important efficiencies are created where they are most closing the deal.

Flexibility and Scalability

With technology and COVID-19 changing the sales landscape, your needs as a company never stay the same. So neither can the software solution you choose. As your company grows and customer demands change rapidly, you need a flexible and tailored software solution that can adapt to market conditions and the evolving nature of your business model.

Will you be locked into a legacy system with little plans to modernize it if the vendor isn't staying on top of technological advances?

The solution must be agile and able to grow along with your business, at a pace that suits the business. Hence, you must anticipate emerging needs beyond the ones that are evident today.

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Coralie Beelen

Coralie Beelen

Coralie is an experienced Business Developer Manager at Xait. She studied Business Administrations in Germany with a focus on International Affair and has worked in Tech directly after her graduation. Her interests vary from painting, to literature, technological innovations, and cuisine.

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