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Investing in a Down Market?

Investing in a down market is always a tricky option but it just may be the best time to invest. We touched on this a bit last year with our posts, “Magic Pill for Oil & Gas?” and “Oil Crisis 2015?” but as we roll full steam into 2016 many of these factors are even more relevant now as we are in the midst of the worse oil downturn since the 90s. If you would like a bit more insight surrounding the drop take a look at the New York Times article “Oil Prices: What’s Behind the Drop? Simple Economics

So we know from our Magic Pill for Oil & Gas post that you or your company will probably limit work hours, limit IT spend and, worst case scenario, encounter layoffs. So where does investing come into play? The whole point of an investment is to increase value and when being forced to do more with less, an increase in value and efficiency is essential. Before you ask, yes, an investment does require you to spend money. It also requires you to monitor your needs, the markets needs and the ROI of that investment. With XaitPorter, ROI is the absolute key as to why so many in the oil & gas industry have chosen Xait. If you would like to learn how Xait and XaitPorter can help you invest in a down market, fill out the request a demo below but before you fill the form out scroll down and learn just how powerful XaitPorter can be.

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