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Integrated Pricing Makes XaitPorter a Powerful Tool for Competitive Advantage

Integrated Pricing Makes XaitPorter a Powerful Tool for Competitive Advantage

Kevin Craine
15. Feb 2021 | 4 min read

Integrated Pricing Makes XaitPorter a Powerful Tool for Competitive Advantage

Last December, Xait announced the acquisition of BlueprintCPQ -- enterprise-class configure, price and quote software. Now known as XaitCPQ, this acquisition adds to Xait’s collaboration and document co-authoring software solution, XaitPorter. The combination is a powerful and enabling tool for major organizations in all industries.


More Agile Co-Authoring and Pricing

Today, information agility and superior collaboration are essential in order to compete. Xait provides that advantage. The synergy of XaitPorter, with its progressive document co-authoring capabilities, combined with XaitCPQ, with the ability to accurately select and price combinations of interdependent products and service options, will give organizations an edge on slower-moving competition. It is an ideal approach for complex tenders, proposals, and reports. Shortened response times, increased quoting capacity, and enhanced collaboration all provide a distinct competitive advantage.

“XaitCPQ will seamlessly integrate with XaitPorter and help organizations win more deals at better margins,” said Kevin Geraghty, CEO and Co-Founder of BlueprintCPQ, on a recent episode of The Xait Factor Podcast. “We make it quick and easy to correctly build and price combinations of products and services, and to do so at scale. This is perfect for large enterprises with multiple product offerings, multiple partners, and multiple countries involved.”


Superior Collaboration Makes More Sales

No matter what business you’re in, at the end of the day, you’ve got to land the contract, make the deal, and please the client in order to be profitable. For enterprise organizations, this requires the ability to assemble the right information, efficiently and effectively, and present content in the form of highly polished, high-impact proposal documents.
With built-in workflow, easy reuse of content and formatting, and the fact that XaitCPQ can be deployed seamlessly within the most popular CRM systems, enterprise organizations in all industries benefit from the XaitPorter solution where it matters most... making more sales.

“XaitPorter is a great tool for writing proposals; and any proposal will, of course, include pricing,” explains Eirik Gudmundsen, CEO of Xait. “If you have your pricing set up in a spreadsheet or something similar you’re already at a disadvantage. There is a huge improvement having an integrated configure-price-quote solution like XaitCPQ built right in. Integration is key to gaining advantage – both solutions can integrate via CRM systems like Salesforce or others – and this will help users quickly create the prices they need and then push that into a formal XaitPorter proposal.”


The Xait Approach

This approach extends the philosophy that already exists in XaitPorter which leverages the advantages of centralized, database-driven, document co authoring, and a single place where authors and stakeholders go for content that they know is up-to-date and ready to go. XaitCPQ extends that way of working; pricing and quote information becomes an integrated and essential part of the overall proposal/sales process.

“We consider sales enablement the most important area for Xait; helping sales organizations win more deals,” continues Gudmundsen. “The CPQ part of the workflow is a key element.”


Competitive Advantage for 2021 and Beyond

With the integration of configure-price-quote capabilities, XaitPorter surfaces as a powerful tool to give companies a competitive advantage. As the market situation improves in 2021 and beyond, the competitive climate will become increasingly intense. Sales teams will need to produce proposals quickly, but with confidence that the proposals are accurate and up-to-date. Xait provides capabilities to do just that.
To find out more, listen to the entire interview with Eirik Gudmundsen and Kevin Geraghty on The Xait Factor.

Download the latest white paper about XaitPorter and XaitCPQ:

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Kevin Craine

Kevin Craine

Kevin Craine is a writer, technology analyst, and an award-winning podcast producer. He is the host of "The Xait Factor" podcast and has listeners and readers worldwide. He was named the #1 Enterprise Content Management Influencer to follow on Twitter.

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