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How Instruction Text helps you fulfill requirements in your documents

How Instruction Text helps you fulfill requirements in your documents

David Cox
15. Jan 2020 | 4 min read

How Instruction Text helps you fulfill requirements in your documents

Writing proposals and bids can be a demanding process.

The content of your documents can be complex. That content may require input, in multiple revisions, from many contributors. Those contributors may be from various parts of your organization, who may themselves be geographically disparate.

In all these cases, your contributors also need to collaborate effectively, whether starting from scratch or reusing previous documents.


What is Instruction Text in XaitPorter?

When working with your content in XaitPorter, Instruction Text is an intuitive method of marking text. You can provide obligations, guidelines, and recommendations for the user to follow when writing or reviewing the content.

Project coordinators have full oversight and complete control over which contributors have access to relevant XaitPorter projects, securing the integrity of access to the Instruction Text.

Instruction Text is clearly visible to contributors working in an XaitPorter document but is always hidden from the exported document. The reader of your published documents will never see it.


How Instruction Text in XaitPorter helps you

XaitPorter enables you to work in a truly collaborative co-authoring parallel process, in contrast to a serial process using a file-based application like Word. This means all contributors have access to the applicable Instruction Text, whatever version of the document they are working on.


How do you know what you need to complete a document, fulfill an obligation?

Satisfying requirements in your documents can be more than just adhering to your company style. There may be potential legal consequences if regulatory obligations are not met.

Having to wait until the whole proposal is compiled in order to identify discrepancies or omissions adds a business risk, potentially affecting your bottom line.

Instead, XaitPorter enables the Proposal Manager or a Team Lead to get feedback at an early stage, to identify and correct mistakes, or suggest additions, in real time. Using Instruction Text reduces manual intervention necessary in oversight, to ensure that nothing is being overlooked. For regular reporting where the required content, obligations, or regulatory demands do not change, easily duplicate or link Instruction Text between documents.

Realize the true potential of your teams to confirm and fulfill all your requirements!


How do you keep the requirements with the individual piece of content, or document as a whole?

The "Best Practices" you have developed is critical for your organization's success. Proposals may fail, or Bids may not win, when that critical context is either not accessible to the contributors writing the documents, or is not connected to each relevant individual part.

Build and preserve a context for contributors, with Instruction Text, when writing or editing the content. Instruction Text is always coupled with the applicable content in your documents, so you can fully leverage those "Best Practices" to write your Proposal, Bid or Report. Rapidly onboard users new to a project or a document, and disseminate knowledge effectively throughout the contributors in your workflow. 

Instruction Text helps keep your content on-point, increasing the efficiency of your workflow by preventing wasted duplication of effort. You can effortlessly duplicate a project template and then tweak the Instruction Text for the requirements of each similar but specific document type.

Maximize the value you already have!


How do you keep your content up to date, ordered and consistent?

Many contributors, and many more content revisions, can make it difficult to prevent internal chaos in your documents' production, and external mistrust of the recipients of your documents. Your all-important content may quickly become obsolete, incoherent or ultimately incomplete.

Maintain the distinctive "voice" of your organization with Instruction Text. Show how writers and reviewers should adhere to the textual branding of the specific document. Your contributors are always working from the latest document requirements, including the style and tone (https://www.xait.com/resources/blog/using-the-correct-style-tone-in-your-proposals-2) in your proposals, that may have changed at any point during the project lifecycle.

Optimize the effort you invest in your documents!


So, how do you use Instruction Text?

To apply Instruction Text in XaitPorter, highlight the applicable content and select Instruction Text from a drop-down list. It really is that simple!

XaitPorter enables you to achieve the necessary quality threshold more quickly, more correctly, and more consistently. Therefore empower your team, writers and reviewers, to focus on what really matters – your content.


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David Cox

David Cox

David Cox is Product Specialist at Xait. He holds a Master of Science in Information Technology from the University of Liverpool (which, naturally, is home to the greatest football team). For Xait, he brings experience from User Experience roles in software development within Ecommerce and Oil & Gas sectors in both England and Norway. When not training for marathons or competing in sim racing, David's passion is travelling.

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