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How Can We Accomplish More In Less Time?

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Nina Bauer



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In the fast-paced world of proposals, proposal teams are being asked to do more with less. If only there were a way to streamline proposals, bids and tenders, to free up time.

In fact, there is. By leveraging software and technology, proposal and bid teams now can have better control over their most valuable assets – their knowledge and content.

Establish a Strong Proposal Process

There’s no doubt that the last few years have had a big impact on the way people buy. Bidding and tendering for new contracts is also becoming increasingly competitive.

With more people involved in purchase decisions, it is becoming imperative that you have a strong process in place to deliver timely, effective and personalized proposal documents that help you stand out and win deals.

By using a proposal writing tool such as XaitPorter, you can greatly increase efficiency, especially when collaboration is required.

“We managed to piece together Word documents, but it was a pain. Countless hours were spent formatting.“ Cecilier Drange, Chief Revenue Officer, Nordic Unmanned.

Separate the Writing Layer From the Formatting Layer

In the proposal world, production is the process of writing, formatting, publishing and delivering the proposal. Production could be no more than finalizing the bid sheet and sending it through an email. In other cases, production can take several days of work and involve multiple team members.

In XaitPorter, you separate the writing layer from the formatting layer, allowing engineers and technical writers to focus on the content. Then the project manager can focus on the formatting and layout. Optimizing bids and proposals using project layout templates will also save a lot of production time.

The ability to write persuasive and compliant proposal content can drive the growth of any organization. With a proven content management system such as XaitPorter, you will not only speed up your response time, your proposal documents will become more compelling as well.

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Nina Bauer

Nina Bauer is Customer Success Manager at Xait. She brings 20+ years of experience in business consulting, project management, sales and marketing, in addition to bid and presale. Bauer currently holds the Vice President position in the Norwegian Computer Society as well as in the Program Committee for Girl Geek Dinner Stavanger. Nina has a passion for networking. When she is not with clients or on networking events, she spends time with her family on their boat or travelling to new places around the globe.

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