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Get Your Document Process on the Right Track

Get Your Document Process on the Right Track

As we get ready to attend the British Legal Technology Forum we asked ourselves, how can we communicate the traditional troubles law firms and those that work with law firms encounter on a day to day basis when working with their teams on document collaboration and creation. We could write a long boring essay on the subject, which we still might do or we can use a good old metaphor and a metaphor that everyone who has used the London Underground, or any public transportation for that matter, will understand.

So think of your document creation process as line in the underground you take to work everyday. Ideally that line will have every stop you need and none that you don’t. Not only will it be the quickest way to and from work but everyone you know and work with on a daily basis will be on that line as well. So to start ,you have 1 line that you take everyday and only stops where and when you need it to, not only that but that line is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and is never closed for construction, maintenance or any other potential pitfall you may encounter.  We will call this line “XaitPorter.”

Now lets look at the traditional document creation and collaboration process in the same context. You must travel far out of your way just to get to your line/station and once there you will wait for for the train as it must pick up every other passenger 1 at a time, each at their own station, not an ideal start. Now imagine if someone is late to their station or is a no show, then the train must stop and wait for that person or go all the way back to where it came from and pick that person up, wasting everyone’s time and backtracking to the beginning. Not only that, but your train gets re-named every time you arrive to take it to work, for instance;

  • Train1
  • Train1_Revised”
  • Train1_Revised_Final”
  • Train1_Revised_Final_FINAL”

 So now you have a slow train that is renamed every time you see it, picking up one person at a time and is also filled with construction, maintenance and hazards throughout. We will call this line “Word & Email.”

So what does this have to do with document creation and collaboration? Well in our “XaitPorter” line you have streamlined process that is purpose-built to suite your needs. That is the core of working with XaitPorter, it was designed to create and collaborate on all business documents while giving you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. With XaitPorter’s collaboration and workflow capabilities, you have the ability to work in real time with your colleagues wherever they may be, while having the ability to assign sections of a document to your team members, just like having everyone on the same train at the same time with all the stops you and your team need.

The “Word & Email” Line doesn’t sound great and unfortunately most companies take this line on a daily basis and may not even realize how much time they are actually wasting. So working with a Word document for instance is inherently anti-collaboration. Each person must work on it 1 at a time and then email it to the next person in line to do their part, as you are starting to see, very similar in picking up one person at a station at a time. You now have a slow process and each time you see the document it will have a different name and you are frankly unsure if you even have the most recent version, just like taking a train with a constantly changing name is helpful to no one.

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So take the XaitPorter line, we promise you won’t regret it.Tell me more

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