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XaitPorter for Document Collaboration

Do you need a document collaboration solution? 3 reasons both FOR and AGAINST implementing a solution.

Sure, your company does not need one more software to help you manage your work. You are already neck-deep in licenses, maintenance agreements, and customizations, and you certainly do not want to add to your workload. As for document collaboration, you already have MS Word…what else would you or your team need?

Not all companies need document collaboration management or the software for it. Here are THREE reasons why you would never have to think about implementing a document management solution.

  1. You are a boutique company: Sure, if your team comprises of you and a small group of employees who can talk to each other across the hallway, or stand up and shout across the cubicle, you can certainly manage with Word to collaborate on your contracts, brochures, proposals, reports, tenders and presentations.
  2. Your paperwork is minimal: All businesses may not have the same amount of paperwork to plough through daily. Businesses that operate in the legal, healthcare, financial and manufacturing industries have intensive regulatory and business paperwork to create and maintain. On the other hand, some businesses just don’t have the mass influx of paperwork.
  3. You have time: While this does sound impossible in today’s world, if you hold a monopoly in your market, you can take things a bit easy. You may not be under pressure all the time to meet internal or market deadlines.

For the rest of us who work in virtual teams, have multiple documents and outputs to manage, and are trying to get a grip on last month’s deliverables, a document collaboration solution might be the right answer. And here’s THREE critical reasons why:

  1. You have no control: Most of us will echo this feeling at work. Who is working on what? Where is my deliverable? Who else needs to work on it? Will I meet the deadline? The constant feeling of lack of control over a deliverable can debilitate a team that is otherwise productive and efficient.
  2. Your documents and reports need to be protected like Fort Knox: Every manager fears unprivileged access and lapses in security when dealing with sensitive or confidential information, especially if it relates to the customer service, legal, finance or product teams.
  3. You do not have a process that ensures quality: Sure, the proposal is ready, on time, and on your desk. However, nothing creates a sense of panic more than knowing that your proposal is inadequate, irrelevant or worse, inaccurate. Have the right stakeholders checked and approved it? Have the contributors double-checked their research? Did the sales team check the numbers? Are there any blaring consistencies in numbers, quotes, and claims? And most importantly, will this proposal solve the customer’s needs or problems?

Organizations have been fighting the document management battle for ages. We may have become a paperless world, but we are still loaded with multiple needs to create and maintain documents online. With the document collaboration market projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.68% over the next 5 years, it is clear that companies are combating time, quality and security constraints with software solutions that help them become more efficient.

Interested in knowing more? Xait’s award winning solution, XaitPorter, has helped industries of any type and size to decrease cost, reduce risk, and improve productivity while winning clients over.

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