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Complex Documents made simple by XaitPorter

Complex Documents Made Simple by XaitPorter

Effective Tenders, the Key to Success

XaitPorter is an innovative collaborative document creation and management tool specifically designed to handle large and complex documents and tenders. Our product enables contributors, authors, reviewers and approvers to simultaneously work together on the same document, increasing productivity through efficiency, quality, and security improvements.

From day one, XaitPorter provides a structured approach for document control and access to archived corporate information allowing contributors to focus on the most important part of the document, the content. Our cloud-based solution gives you everything you need to create high quality documents within a short timeframe. Everyone works on the same document, in real-time, whether in the office, at home, or on the other side of the world.

With XaitPorter there is no check-in/check-out of documents, everyone logs into one single document with built in workflow and visibility enabling controlled document collaboration. Additionally, XaitPorter takes care of your document formatting, layout and numbering in accordance with your corporate guidelines and regularly creates documents up to 70% faster without compromising on content or quality.

XaitPorter, Simplifying Complexity

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