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3 Benefits of an aPaaS

3 Benefits of an aPaaS

So now that we know XaitPorter is an almost perfect document-centric aPaaS solution as Kris Saether highlighted in his post last week, “XaitPorter more than just a SaaS solution” Lets discuss what exactly an aPaaS is all about and why it is so beneficial for your document creation needs. Gartner defines an aPaaS as, “Application platform as a service (aPaaS) is a cloud service that offers development and deployment environments for application services.” You can think of it as the foundation on which your applications run. is probably the best example of this, with Microsoft not far behind as highlighted in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of aPaaS solutions. So what are the benefits of using an aPaaS solution?

Speed of Deployment

One absolutely key feature of an implemented aPaaS is the ability to quickly deploy applications on top of the platform. Realistically, this is THE key feature for an aPaaS as the whole point of the platform is to give you a foundation for building and launching applications quickly and easily.

Continuity of Systems

A second key benefit of an aPaaS is the ability to run, develop and launch applications all from the same platform. This allows for better visibility into the applications and makes control and upkeep of the applications much easier than using disparate systems. How many times have you experienced the pain of pulling like data for different sources because they are using and running on completely different systems?


An aPaaS is purpose built to encourage scaling. This scaling could happen overnight or take 5 years but the platform will be ready at all times without the need to re-configure the database if the need for rapid scaling comes to fruition. Not only will this save money, and possibly earn money with the ability to rapidly scale, but it will save massive amounts of time and manpower.

How Does it Work?

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