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Happy National Day Norway!

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Eirik Gudmundsen



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Today we celebrate Norway’s National Day. The day marks the 209 anniversary of when Norway’s constitution was written and signed. Even though it took 91 years from the constitution was written in 1814 until we actually became independent from Sweden in 1905, May 17 still has become the most important public holiday in Norway.

As you might expect from important national days, the streets of Norway are filled with people, flags and parades on May 17. What might be more of a surprise is that the celebration in Norway is mostly without any military parades, but rather focused on children and children parades with marching bands all across the country.

It is said that a Norwegian poet, Henrik Wergeland, back in 1820s ensured May 17 became a celebratory day for the children rather than a day of patriotic pride. Perhaps it was easier at the time since we were still ruled by Sweden and Norway probably didn’t have any military of it’s own. But the focus on people rather than military remained when Norway became an independent nation, with the only addition of Norwegian hand-held flags carried by everyone whether they walk in the parade or stand by watching.

So on this regular Wednesday for most, Xait in Norway will be taking the day off to celebrate May 17. Much more than just a National Day, we celebrate the ideological basis for the constitution founded on the core values of freedom and equality. And with the children in focus, we are thankful they get to grow up with these core values and hopeful for the future they represent.

Have an Xaiting May 17!

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Eirik Gudmundsen

As Chief Executive Officer of Xait, Eirik Gudmundsen brings 18+ years of experience in developing industry-leading software technology for the Oil & Gas industry. Eirik also has 6 years of international experience in Marketing and Sales, both as regional leader of Middle East and Asia Pacific based in Kuala Lumpur, as well as Global Sales & Marketing leadership roles based in Stavanger, Norway. Eirik is passionate about family, work and music. He enjoys listening to a lot of different genres from Pop & Rock to Jazz & Soul. On the odd occasion he also records and plays music, both on his own and with his band Action At A Distance.

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