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Xait is going to Salesforce World Tour in Dallas

Headed to Salesforce World Tour in Dallas tomorrow? Travis Baldwin, BDM, from our US office would love to meet up!

Learn more about how you can use XaitPorter to create proposals and contracts directly from Salesforce.

For more information see our video:

Meet Xait at PETEX 2018

Headed to PETEX 2018 at Olympia in London this week? Our CCO, Kris Saether would love to meet up!

Are you looking to streamline and optimize your document production to maximize your revenue from bids and proposals and other business-critical documents? XaitPorter is a complete all-in-one co-authoring software solution for teams to collaboratively create, manage and produce documents in an innovative way

Happy Thanksgiving from Xait

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November and is for many the most fantastic time of the year.

The Thanksgiving tradition started with the Pilgrims celebrated the first harvest in the New World, and it is an excellent way of expressing gratitude towards your loved ones, get together and eat good food. The Pilgrims had to work together and collaborate to improve their harvest, just as XaitPorter allows our clients to collaborate on documents to improve the quality.

Watchnews XaitPorter Efficient-Document-Collaboration for Business Critical Documents

XaitPorter – Quick and Secure Collaboration | NewsWatch Review

Do you have a business? Then you know that improving efficiency is an important element in running a successful business. Unfortunately, so many companies struggle with their ability to create and collaborate on their business critical documents. Check out a document creation and collaboration software called XaitPorter.

Meet Xait at APMP Liberty and Nor’easters Pursuit Expo 2018

Headed to APMP Liberty and Nor’easters Pursuit Expo? Our US salesteam Travis Baldwin BDM, Xait and Aaron Cantu, BDM, Xait would love to meet up!

Are you looking to manage all your complex proposals and contract and eager to find a solution that pushes your Proposal Management team to the next level?

Silver to Husbanken’s annual report

Farmandprisen is an annual competition for annual reports, which was first organized in 1955. A jury evaluates how well different organizations’ annual reports communicate the company’s community assignments, results, framework conditions and visions.

“The best annual report in the class of public sector had a good reporting structure, and the very best also succeeded in communicating the social engagement in a clear and good way,” concluded the jury.