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“Produce consistent tenders globally,
save 50% of your time”

Shawn Le Maitre Sales & Marketing Manager with PTC talks about how they have leveraged XaitPorter to produce consistent tenders globally, saving at least 50% of their time.

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Document collaboration
has never been easier

How can you improve the quality of the documents you deliver? How can you make sure they are delivered on time, every time? And how do you stay in control of the entire process? With XaitPorter, it’s simple. This cloud-based solution gives you everything you need in order to create high quality documents. Everyone works on the same document, in real-time.


XaitPorter streamlines your document collaboration process


Work on your document from anywhere, at any time. Collaborate on document seamlessly with team members around the world.

One document

Everyone works on the same document. Writers may edit different parts of a document at the same time.

Auto formatting and numbering

With XaitPorter, there is no manual formatting and numbering.

Customizable layout templates

Create professional looking documents that follow your brand identity guidelines.

Reuse content

XaitPorter is built on a database, which makes it easy to reuse content.

Export your document

Export your document to PDF and MS Word.

More features

Using XaitPorter vs Traditional Word Processor

Serial vs. Parallel Process

XaitPorter allows different sections of a document to be edited simultaneously by multiple contributors allowing you to work in parallel. In a traditional serial process, each contributor waits for the previous contributor to complete their section before they can begin, wasting both time and money.

  • Cut through the workflow
  • Work together on documents simultaneously
  • Reduce turnaround time by half or more

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Xait offers document collaboration solutions for all industries

Win more business

Are you struggling to meet deadlines? Or worse, are you losing business because you lack control of your proposal process?

XaitPorter gives you control, efficiency, and improved content – so that you can win more business.

Grow your business

At Xait, we believe you should stop wasting your time on a chaotic process.

Our software engineers created XaitPorter so you can focus on what you’re great at; solving complex problems and growing your business. The rest is taken care of.

Grow your business

Preparing for your next big product launch or marketing campaign is stressful.

XaitPorter gives you control, efficiency and improved content – so that you can grow your business.

Create successful compliance documentation

XaitPorter is a content management system that makes all your plans, policies and procedures available to revise, review or read at any time, from anywhere.

In short, XaitPorter helps you create successful compliance documentation.

Create sound governance documents

Bylaws, procedures, policies and strategic plans; these documents are important to any company that sets high standards for their executives, directors, officers, and employees. But how do you ensure that your documents stay updated?

With XaitPorter, everyone in your organization can be given access to the latest version of your governing documents.

Maximize your ROI

How can you get control and visibility over projects that involve several contributors who struggle to work together to produce one final, consistent document?

We developed XaitPorter with collaboration and control in mind. We understand the challenges, and we understand how to make it easier for you. So that you can create research documents that are complete and consistent, in less time and with higher quality. Which ultimately means that you maximize your ROI.

Make sound management decisions

How can you focus on preparing in-depth analysis and information when you waste so much time on formatting, version control, and chasing down people to receive content at the very last minute?

With XaitPorter, you can control and manage the entire process, from creation to publication. By streamlining the financial reporting process, you save time and money.

Work more efficiently

It can be a challenge for legal departments to manage the creation of large and complex documents such as contracts and reports. It’s difficult to keep track of the latest versions, and the acceptance process is usually cumbersome and time-consuming.

With XaitPorter, you get both flexibility and control. You get the flexibility to access the latest version of your legal documents, from anywhere.

Focus On the Design

The shipbuilding industry has become fiercely competitive in latter years, with more focus on lower costs and modular construction, creating an environment with little room for error.

By utilizing XaitPorter you get the benefit of creating your ship specifications directly from a database. Allowing you to manage and reuse your SFI content in a responsible and structured process.

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Xait is a full service provider for
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Our Client Services team offers telephone and e-mail support to all XaitPorter customers, from our Norway and US locations.

A variety of support plans are available; from 8/5 to 24/7. For immediate support, please use our support form and indicate the severity of the business impact for your concerns. Please note additional charges may apply depending on your support plan.

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XaitPorter training can be conducted onsite, at Xait’s premises, or via the web. We perform training sessions for groups, but also do role-based training for individuals and train the trainer workshops. Our trainers’ expertise with both XaitPorter, publishing and project management, can offer valuable tips on how to run a successful project in conjunction with XaitPorter, and how to maximise your investment, efficiency and cost benefit.

Whatever your needs, we create a tailored training plan for your organization. Your XaitPorter solution also contains tutorial videos, Quick Start Guides, and an extensive User Manual for your reference.

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Our team of consultants can help you optimize the use of XaitPorter in your organization both before, during, and after implementation. Our staff are not only experts in our solutions, but come with a variety of expertise in background, such as: APMP certification, project management, printing standardization, extensive ITT and Tender development, and best practice knowledge within industry specific areas.

Whether you need help improving your internal processes, creating professional templates, or performing print checks, our experts are ready to help. Contact our Client Services team for more information on the services they offer.

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