Simplify your proposals, create them easily from anywhere, at any time.

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Generate documents directly from your Salesforce accounts or opportunities

XaitPorter is available in the Salesforce AppExchange enabling companies to create proposals and contracts directly from Salesforce. 

  • Streamline production of your business-critical documents 
  • Increase your win rates for bids and proposals
  • Build your corporate content library in the XaitPorter cloud



Use native objects
with XaitCPQ

XaitCPQ for Salesforce uses native objects such as Opportunity, Product & Price Book.

  • Custom objects

  • Configuration screens

  • Document creation tool

Microsoft Dynamics 365

XaitCPQ for MS Dynamics 365

XaitCPQ for Microsoft Dynamics 365 works seamlessly within the Dynamics' Quote screen.

  • Dedicated Microsoft CPQ app

  • Standard reporting module

  • Word or PDF documents

Manage complex pricing helps to manage engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Custom objects

  • Configuration screens

  • Document creation tool


XaitCPQ for MS Dynamics 365

This integration to Pipedrive users by eliminating the time-consuming manual processes.

  • Produce quotations in minutes

  • Synchronize data with Pipedrive

  • Accurate & professional quotations