Team Rynkeby

Xait is a proud sponsor of Team Rynkeby 2020

Team Rynkeby is a Nordic charity cycling team founded in 2002. Every summer they cycle to Paris to raise money for seriously ill children. Team Rynkeby comprises 2,100 cyclists and 550 volunteers, divided into 57 local teams in 8 Nordic countries.



For almost a whole year participants must not only prepare themselves for the 1,200 km trip to Paris but they are also obliged to do what they can to raise money for children with critical illnesses.

Rynkeby, God Morgon and hohes C, the German juice group Eckes-Granini covers the central costs of the project in collaboration with the dedicated organizations. In 2019, Team Rynkeby - God Morgon donated NOK 106.7 million to organizations that help children with critical illness. Of this, NOK 12.7 million went to the Children's Cancer Society in Norway.

Xait is proud to be a sponsor of Team Rynkeby. We have complete commitment to our core values and to act on social responsibility is a part of this. To have the opportunity to sponsor a team that raise money for seriously ill children is a great privilege.

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