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Stavanger Modellbilklubb


The Stavanger Modellbilklubb was founded on February 22, 2012, and aims to promote the model car sport in the Stavanger region. The club has members from Ryfylke in the north to Vigrestad in the south.

Stavanger Modellbilklubb is a member of NIF and is organized under the Norwegian Motorsportforbund.
Sports can be many things, and we are committed to developing an offer for those who fall outside of the "regular" sports.

What is Radio Controlled Car Sports? There is competition with radio controlled cars against other drivers on a dedicated track. You drive on a track specially made for radio controlled cars. Most people who have tried a "pro" RC car on a proper track knows that it is much more exciting and fun than driving back and forth in the street.

Stavanger Model Car Club aims to promote the RC-Car environment by:

- Be a local club in the Stavanger region, open to everyone regardless of age and driving skills.
- Work on creating a permanent indoor exercise program with regular club nights
- Be an alternative to those who opt out of traditional sports.

The club has about 100 paying members.


Team Junior

One of our most exciting projects at the moment is Team Junior, which is a children and youth group where you can get introduced to an exciting hobby and maybe later a sport.

We have many young people who come and visit us and we see that it is fantastic that we have the opportunity to offer them a cheap introduction to the sport by borrowing equipment from us.

There are many children / young people who can benefit from such an offer.

- Children / youth who have no other sports or leisure facilities.
- Children / youth with disabilities
- Children / adolescents who want to do motor sports but do not have the opportunity to do so in full scale.

Already after a few months of operation, we see that several young people who fall outside in other activities have gained a permanent place of residence with us.

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