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We would like to thank those of you who attended our breakfast seminar March 13th, 2012. We also want to give a special thanks our presenters; Graham Ablett of Strategic Proposals, Sander Buik of Aker Solutions and our own Leif Kjetil Skjæveland. All of the presentations used in the event can be downloaded by clicking the links below. If you have any questions regarding the event, give us a call or use our contact form.

Virtually challenged

Graham Ablett, Senior Consultant, Strategic Proposals

[youtube width=”590″ height=”312″][/youtube]

A real-life Case Study

Sander Buik, Tender Co-ordinator, Aker Solutions

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Winning Business Takes Time and Resources – Make it Easier

Leif Kjetil Skjæveland, Partner, Xait

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