Norwegian Research Council awards 10.8m NOK to Xait for further development of its software solution

Norwegian Research Council awards 10.8m NOK to Xait for further development of its software solution

Silje Stensland
18. Dec 2019 | 4 min read

Norwegian Research Council awards 10.8m NOK to Xait for further development of its software solution

Today the Norwegian Research Council announced which companies are among those to receive a combined 1.25 billion Norwegian Kroner in research funding. The funding will go to research and innovation in business. Xait has been awarded financial support to improve the quality and efficiency in the RFP to production lifecycle.

- Research and innovation is becoming increasingly more important where businesses are adapting to handle new challenges. We want more companies to take the plunge in investing in the economy of the future. The funding will contribute to companies' willingness to venture on projects which provide greater value to society, says Minister for Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen.

The Research Council received a total of 352 applications from companies in all regions of Norway . The companies which submitted applications are primarily involved in the sectors of industry and services, marine, petroleum, green energy and carbon capture & storage, and food & land-based resources. In this announcement, sustainability is a crucial element. To be able to select the applications with the best technical content and greatest opportunity for commercial success, the Research Council utilized domain experts in the relevant fields from around the world.

​An abundance of projects
- It is not only the companies themselves which will benefit from the opportunity for further research. It is important for all of society. The research and development creates new knowledge, and new solutions, which will subsequently be available to other businesses and can produce beneficial economic consequences, says Minister for Science and Higher Education Iselin Nybø.

- In this aspect, sustainability is also a vital component. All applicants must demonstrate that their project contributes to a solution for at least one sustainability goal.

It is also a positive aspect that these projects have an emphasis towards digitalization efforts. There are a multitude of projects in many exciting areas which are receiving support for research.

10.8m NOK to Xait for further development of XaitPorter
Xait is awarded 10.8 million Kroner to improve quality and efficiency in the RFP to production lifecycle. XaitPorter, Xait's solution for document production, automation and collaboration, is used among our customers' sales organizations to reply to tenders. Xait seeks to be able to further assist these organizations from when they receive a request for a proposal, all the way to executing the contract, by utilizing text and meta-information the customer has stored in XaitPorter with AI and machine learning techniques. Chronos and Aker Solutions are collaborating partners in this RFP project.

- We are both proud and pleased to be awarded this support from the Research Council, says Chief Executive Officer of Xait AS, Eirik Gudmundsen. As a Norwegian technology company, Xait sees innovation as an essential part of our strategy for growth. This support from the Research Council will assist us in further developing a unique and world-leading solution for our customers to effectively respond to proposals with high quality and accuracy.

- It is inspiring to see that there is great interest, and that there are many good applications, from many different types of companies, says the Chief Executive Officer of the Research Council John-Arne Røttingen.

- I believe that now everyone has a clearer understanding that research is not just people in laboratories wearing white coats. By using scientific methods, by working systematically to create new knowledge and new opportunities, so can these businesses drive innovation with Research Council support, says Røttingen.

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