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Focus on tasks and progress in the Dashboard

 The Dashboard gives you an instant overview of all your tasks, documents, comments and more.



Collaborate on documents using the built-in workflow

The Document workspace features everything you need to create any kind of documents



XaitPorter Document Workspace

Create professional client proposals in seconds

Produce stunning, professional proposals based on your own customizable layout templates

XaitPorter Exported Document Example


Get unparalleled Brand Consistency with Layout Templates

XaitPorter combines the best features from familiar Word Processors with the design principles found in leading desktop-publishing software to create a one-stop-shop document production solution.


Work on your document from anywhere, at any time, seamlessly bringing teams together to simplify and improve the way you produce and automate documents.

One document

Everyone works on the same document. Writers may edit different parts of a document at the same time, and sign off on their work to reviewers and approvers.

Automatic formatting and numbering

With XaitPorter, there is no need to apply manual formatting and numbering. You decide what level of complexity you want to give your document contributors.

Customized layout

Create professionally designed documents that follow your brand identity guidelines. We help you create a set of templates that fit your brand and needs.

Reuse content

XaitPorter is built on a database, which makes it easy to reuse content in multiple documents, giving you full control over how many times each asset has been used.

Export your document

Easily export your document to a  PDF and MS Word, conforming to industry standards. A print-ready version of your document can be produced at any time.

Version control

You always see and work on the latest version of your document, but can at any time compare and if needed, restore a previous version of a section or document.


Assign tasks, set deadlines, and control the process from start to finish. Everyone is notified of changes in documents through automatic email messages.

Add comments

Comments allow you to gather feedback on content from contributors, and change the status once the comment has been read and resolved.

Compare section revisions

XaitPorter lets you easily compare revisions, and track changes, using industry standard blacklining methods. directly in a browser or as a PDF document.

Key text

Make important paragraphs stand out, by placing key text in the document margin, to allow readers to locate important pieces of text, such as numbers.

Document structure

Add, delete or rearrange document sections without messing up any formatting or compromising the document structure.

Audit reports

XaitPorter gives you a complete audit trail of what your contributors do, increasing the level of security for all your documents and document assets.

High resolution graphics

XaitPorter supports high resolution graphics and pictures as well as vector based graphics, both in document layout and content.

Easily use multiple file formats

Insert a variety of document  file formats and sizes, like PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint JPG, PNG, etc. Control how each asset is used with restrictions.


You control who can see the various sections of your document. Restrict access to groups or single users, or give access for a limited time period.

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